World Information

A world of secrets, held by ancient powers that none ever speak of. In the old times, the land flourished with life. The people where strong, living their lives as people do, until the day of Adjudication. On this day the Blood War, spilled over onto this plane, and raped it of every living thing for hundreds of years. The races of this world where thrown into slavery, or forced to fight in battles for the demons as fodder. Unspeakable things happened to the races of Sycathia, but the will of the people held strong. Until a day four friends, two humans, a dwarf, and an elf, stood against the demons that held them prisoners for so long. On this day the races of Sycathia fought back for their freedom. Prisons all over the realm where sacked, and the peoples of each race took up what swords they could, to fight back the demons to the tear in which they spilled from.

Demon Fall Island